Exhibition Areas

Exhibition On The History Of Architecture

800 Years Of Building History

The building history from the first castle complex from the late 12th century to the last reconstruction of today's castle at the beginning of the 20th century is illustrated by decisive construction phases and important events. In the restored rooms of the former servants of the Princely Family of Schönburg-Waldenburg are a large number of different exhibits and figurative representations like floors plans, drawings and calculations. These include some documents that have never been published before. The presentation is complemented by a 3D-animation about the building activity of the last eight hundred years.



Exhibition Kitchen Area

Historical Castle Kitchen

The kitchen area in the basement of the castle originally consisted of 6 rooms in different sizes, each of which was assigned to a specific work step. Today's exhibition area comprises 3 of the historically preserved rooms as well as an oven with roasting, grilling and heating zones from the early 20th century. Besides the special kitchen construction, a so-called cooking machine with underfloor smoke exhaust, the dining lift and all kinds of kitchen utensils have been preserved.
The integrated listening station immerses you in the past working world of the employees. The kitchen comes to life. Let us surprise you!