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Castle waldenburg was one of the last castles of the Wilheminian period in Waldenburg (Saxony). Until 1945, it was the residence of the princes of Schönburg Waldenburg.

Let our app accompany you through our castle!

The audio texts lead you from the monumental entrance hall to the ball rooms of the beletage. From there, the tour continues with the official and private apartments of the princely family. Find out where the heart and soul of the princes and their guests were hold together while you visit the kitchen and the chapel of castle Waldenburg.

On the about 45-minute tour you will meet again and again the impressive personalities of the last generation of the princely family.

The app is easy to use, free of charge and can be used without an internet connection.

Exhibition On Film History

Film Castle Waldenburg

Since its reactivation as a public cultural institution in 2000, castle Waldenburg has also been a popular film setting. From 1948 to 1998, the castle was used as a medical institution and experienced structural adaptions during this period which have been stepwise dismantled since 2005. The predominant majority of a luxurious and historically significant interior design from 1859 to 1912 remained almost unmodified despite the hospital use.

This exciting mix of historically authentic rooms of various styles, converted to suit the need of a hospital and the variety of partly unused areas under one roof, surrounded by an English park, often perfectly meets the needs of the industry.

The listing of castle Waldenburg in the location guide of the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM) presents all specifications (photo gallery, technical and arial conditions) of castle Waldenburg as a film location. The MDM supports productions and makes it possible to find the right setting or filming location.

So far, the castle provided the perfect setting for around twenty film and television productions. The Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk also filmed motive recordings and interviews for shows like "Unterwegs in Sachsen" and "Adventsgeflüster" in 2010. A large number of actors, including well-known national and international film stars such as Winfried Glatzeder, August Diehl, Katharina Thalbach, Anna Maria Mühe, Ralph Fiennes and Bill Murray, have already filmed at castle Waldenburg. Even Hollywood came to the beautiful Mulde valley and recorded scenes for the movie "Grand Budapest Hotel". Since then, the media has been all too happy to call the town "Waldywood".

Exhibition About A Pipe Organ

"The Pipe Organ – Miracle Of Sound Art"

The permanent exhibition was completely dedicated to the "Queen of musical Instruments" –as Mozart called her- and shows an insight into the inside of the majestic instrument under the theme "The pipe organ – miracle of sound art". You are invited to participate – touch, listen,.... You can learn about the history of this unique instrument on various panels. The timeline, which is shown on the panels, leads through the history of the pipe organ from its beginnings. Did you know that the first pipe organ already existed in 250 BC? And that pipe organ music was used as a cure for diseases in higher circles? An interesting exhibition for connoisseur and layperson at the same time, to be seen during an individual tour through castle Waldenburg.

Exhibition On The History Of Architecture

800 Years Of Building History

The history of the building from the first castle from the late 12th century to the last renovation of today´s castle in the beginning of the 20th century is illustrated by decisive construction phases and major events. In the restored rooms of the former servants of the princely family of Schönburg-Waldenburg, a various number of different exhibits and figurative representations such as floor plans, drawings and invoices can be seen. These include some previously unpublished documents. The presentation is complemented by a 3D animation about the building activities of the last eight hundred years.



Exhibition Kitchen Area

Historical Castle Kitchen

The kitchen area in the basement of the castle originally consisted of 6 rooms of different sizes, each assigned to specific work steps. Today's exhibition area comprises 3 of the historically preserved rooms as well as an oven with frying, grilling and heating zones from the early 20th century. In addition to the special kitchen construction, a so-called cooking machine with underfloor smoke hood, the dining elevator and all kinds of kitchen utensils are preserved.
The integrated listening station allows you to immerse yourself in the former world of work of the staff. The kitchen comes to life. Let us surprise you!




Travelling exhibition 'so beautiful is the region Zwickau'

'So beatiful is the region Zwickau' - the travelling exhibition of the tourist region Zwickau with pictures by the photograph Oliver Göhler can now be seen in the basement of castle Waldenburg. 

Photos of the region Zwickau are shown in A1 format. 'Impressive stories, impressive buildings and picturesque nature awaits you right on your doorstep. The industrial culture of the region was also photographed several times' - says Oliver Göhler.

The special thing about the pictures is that they are printed on Alu-Dibond and the photographs are uniquely staged by the metallic effect. Oliver Göhler: 'The effect due to the metallic sheen is differnet than if you had printed the photos on paper. The colours come out much better. In addition, the images are more stable.'

You can view the approximately 20 photographs until 4 April during the regular opening hours, with a ticket for the permanent exhibitions (admissions 4€ / reduced 3€) or with the purchase of a combined ticket (admission 10€ / reduced 8€).

The travelling exhibition was made possible by the Sparkasse Chemnitz and Zwickau.

(Copyright: Tourismusregion Zwickau e.V. - Lara Klewin)