Chronological Table - Development Into A Castle

1165 – 1172:

Castle built as a security post of the Pleißenland colonization under Hugo Of Wartha and Rudolf Of Brand



First naming of the castle builder Hugo Of Waldenburg



Lordship Waldenburg mentioned for the first time in as property of Friederich XI. Of Schönburg who died 1364



Destruction of the castle by the Hussites


after 1430:

New construction of the complex as a castle under Veit II. (1418-72),

keep keeps its central function within the newly built complexe



Destruction of the castle by fire, keep resists the flames,

reconstruction of the castle in the following years


1556 – 1567:

New construction of the front castle under Hugo I. (1530-66),

with that the construction of a double castle



Destruction of the rear castle by fire for carnival party

- rear castle remains partially used ruin


around 1700:

Securing the keep under Otto Ludwig (1643-1701) with a pyramid roof


from 1755:

Renovation work on the front castle under Albrecht Carl Friedrich (1710-65)



The north wing of the front castle was raised by 2 floors and construction of the 2nd stair tower


from 1779:
Renovation and reconstruction work on the front castle under Otto Carl Friedrich (1758-1800)


Demolition of the rear castle ruin, backfilling of the moat



Relocation of the main portal (rear castle) to the Grünfelder Park


New construction of the orangery on the site of the rear castle


Appointment of Count Otto Carl Friedrich Of Schönburg to the rank of wealthy princely state


Conversion work and re-equipment of the interiors under Otto Victor I. (1785-1859)


The masses of people stirred up by the revolutionary events set Waldenburg Castle o fire, completely destroyed/damaged all parts of the building


Changed reconstruction of the keep, new construction of the office building with vaults and archive rooms


1855 – 1859:
New construction of the palace as a closed four-wing complex with Romanesque and English Tudor Gothic style elements, redesigning of the palace park


1909 – 1912:
Comprehensive reconstruction of the historical castle under Otto Victor II. (1882-1914), new construction of the side wing with connecting corridor to the office building, new construction of the terrace and rose garden