Offers for schools and kindergartens

Offers for primary schools

Guided tour for kids

Children will learn about the history of the castle and its former residents on a guided tour through the representative rooms of the castle. Several questions are asked in relation to the rooms, each of which, if correctly answered, gives a further hint of where the treasure is hidden.

Theme tour "Behave is in"

The children learn how to behave in a princely family and how princes and princesses once lived through play. In order to make your visit to our castle varied, a small treasure hunt is integrated, which ends with a small surprise for everyone.

Offers for kindergartens

Fairy tale treasure hunt

An exciting treasure hunt through the beletage and a small surprise for everyone at the end awaits the children. On the way through the historical rooms such as the mirror room or the Chinese room, is it important to find small hidden hints and to answer questions about individual fairy tales.

Only possible by appointment.

School and kindergarten groups: prices on request (+49 37608 27570 / info@schloss-waldenburg.de)

Groups educational services (schools / kindergardens): 1 accompanying person per group free of charge.