Schloss Waldenburg is also popular as a backdrop for photo shoots.

The listing of castle Waldenburg complex in the MDM Film Commission's Location Guide since November 2010 presents all specifications (photogallery, technical and spatial conditions) of castle Waldenburg as a filming location.

2021 – "Love in Mind - The Marriage Experiment"

Produced by RedSeven Entertainment GmbH, commissioned by SAT.1

2019: Duracell lets dreams live longer

Christmas clip for Duracell in cooperation with ROSSMANN
Production: twosyde media (in order of makai Europe GmbH)
Release: 28.11.2019 on YouTube

2018: "The up-cutter – Rise and fall of a German building tycoon"

With Reiner Schöne, Hans-Jürgen Silbermann, Gesine Cukrowski
Production: Saxonia Entertainment für MDR/ARD
Date of first release: ARD 15.10.2018

2017: Superbuildings of History – The Reichstag / the Kremlin

ZDFtime documentary
Director: Saskia Weisheit, Daniel Maiterth
Production: Story House Productions for ZDF
Date of first release: 27.02. (Reichstag) & 20.03.2018 (Kremlin)


2017: " 4 weddings and a dream journey" (weekly finale)

VOX TV programme
Production: ITV Studios Germany GmbH for VOX
Date of first release: 15. 12. 2017


2015: "The Young Karl Marx"

Feature film
with August Diehl, Stefan Konarske, Vicky Krieps
Directior: Raoul Peck
Production: rohfilm GmbH
Date of first release: Berlinale Film of the Day, February 2017
cinema release 02. 03. 2017

2013: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Feature film
with Ralph Fiennes, Mathieu Amalric, Jude Law, Owen Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe
Director: Wes Anderson
Production: 19. Babelsberg Film Potsdam
Date of first release: Opening film of the Berlinale 2014
cinema release 06. 03. 2014

2013: "History of Central Germany"

Documentary features

Episode: Hilde Benjamin – The Executioner of the GDR
with Anke Sevenich and Andreas Stadler

Episode: Roland Freisler – From lawyer to hanging judge
with Christoph Gottschalch and Harald Heinz

Episode: Saxony on the Abyss – Friedrich August I and Napoleon
with Winfried Glatzeder and Jörg Pintsch

Director: Pepe Pippig
Production: Saxonia Entertainment GmbH for MDR
Date of first release: August/September 2013

2012: "Founding of the Empire" & "The Nervous Great Power"

Documentary features " From the Empire to the Republic"
with Torsten Münchow, Michael Mendl, Reiner Schöne, Gudrun Landgrebe
Director: Bernd Fischerauer
Production: tellux – Film for BR-alpha
Date of first release: 24. 11. 2012

2010: Commercial

for a premium segment of the German automotive industry
game scenes
Production: Shot one for private client
Date of first release: promotion product for Asian market 2011

2008: Terra X "August der Starke – Playboy on the Saxon throne"

Historical documentation
with Katharina Abt and Bruno F. Apitz
Director: Luise Wagner – Roos
Production: doc. station for ZDF
First date of release: 08. 03. 2009

2005: "Mistresses – The Secret Power of Women"

Historical documentation
with Suzan Anbeh and Sylvester Groth
Director: Jan Peter
Production: L. E. Vision for Arte
First date of release: 13. 11. 2005

2000: crime scene "Quartet in Leipzig"

TV series
with Peter Sodann, Bernd Michael Lade, Klaus J. Behrendt, Dietmar Bär
Director: Caspar Heidelbach
Production: Saxonia Media / Colonia Media for ARD
First date of release: 26. 11. 2000



More motive recordings,...

...Scenes and interviews for various TV formats were mainly commissioned by the MDR.

These includes for example:

2007: Motive scenes for the show "Schau ins Land"

2008: Playing scene for a TV broadcast by the MDR

2010: Motives and interviews for two shows of the MDR series "Unterwegs in Sachsen"

2010: Motive scenes and interview for the show "Adventsgeflüster" (MDR)