Review Night of the Castles 2021 - Rock'n Roll Night with the "Big Boppers"

Hot sounds of the 50s and 60s with the Big Boppers were heard on the castle terrace. The highlight of the Night of the Castles was a laser show with "Fascination of Lights". We were worried until the end whether we will still have to cancel the event due to rain. The rain radar was right, in the evening dry and in the spite of the coolness we had a successful and interesting Night of the Castles on the castle terrace of Schloss Waldenburg – with the café "Sweet Sophie".

Review Schlossweihnacht 2019
30.11 and 01.12.2019

This year, on the first weekend of Advent, the christmas-decorated castle area once again opened the two-day christmas market with its truly fairytale world of experiences – the 12th Schlossweihnacht.

Traditional craftsmen such as potters, carvers and lace makers were seen over their shoulders. Typical Erzgebirge arts and crafts and Christmas treats were offered. The scent of Christmas cookies and mulled wine was in the air. Traditional show crafts with children's Christmas workshop, café, gastronomy in the "Fürstenkeller", Swabian specialities from Waldenburg/Hohenlohe und Warthausen, treats from Waldenburg/Switzerland and Noyelles-les-Vermelles/France and lot more.

The fairytale forest with live animals, the Christmas bakery, where the children could bake and sample themselves and the Christmas cultural programme invited the Waldenburger Schlossweihnacht to an unforgettable experience.

Santa Claus also traditionally waited with his Christmas angel in the castles christmas-decorated stair hall and the fairy tale read exciting Christmas stories.

Busy castle

A fantastic day – many guests visited Schloss Waldenburg and experienced first-hand a touch of past times – the "Golden Twenties". The castle looked alive, with its protagonists of the 1920s – the time of the Charleston and Flapper Gatsby Style. A chat with the Prince of Schönburg-Waldenburg and his wife Hertha of Schönburg or a chat with Karl Heinrich Walther von Stockhausen and his wife Otty was possible. Secrets of the lordship could be secretly learned from the maid Claudine, Mrs Leopold – the prince's secretary – stood in the reception, Mr. Gerstenkorn – the valet – constantly looked to the right and in the historical kitchen of the castle freshly grounded and historically prepared coffee could be smelled. A dance group could also be watched in the Yellow Hall. Yes, even back in the twenties, there were costume balls...